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A Healthier World
A Healthier You

Medical Doctor.  Masters of Public Health.

Fellow American College of Family Practice.

Speaker. Humanitarian. Health Education Advocate.

I'm happiest when I am treating patients

and educating people about their health. 

So many do not understand the

power of good health throughout our lifetime.


Good health includes physical, mental, emotional and social well-being.  We need to protect and empower ourselves at all levels.

As I Listened...

I began listening to my amazing Mother at an early age. A registered nurse in Nigeria, she would return from the city to our village and a room full of patients. She would administer health care to patients who came to our home seeking help. These neighbors  did not have access to a Doctor.  I learned compassion from watching her.  I admired her skill and her dedication.  


As I listened, I learned from her that patients want to be heard.  


In today’s world of online medicine and time limits during in- patient visits, doctor-to-patient communication must include compassion as well as excellence. 


No one wants to be a patient.  Our patients, our communities, need to know we care about them and their lives.

I was fortunate to be empowered by my Mother.  I wanted to be a nurse like her.  She said "No."  She smiled and said, “You can be a Doctor”. 


She was my role model for compassion, determination and excellence.  

...I Learned Compassion  

Starfish Six

As COVID-19 spread across the world, we experienced surprising shortages that impacted our day-to-day lives in America. My friends

shared their concerns for food and supplies reaching neighboring

villages in Nigeria. We sent funds to feed six families in the most need

and discovered we were able to feed most of the village. Fellow American doctors and nurses heard about our efforts and with their donations we began to serve additional villages.

One organization can't always help every person in need.  However, we began this journey to help six families.  Those six families shared with their village.  Now Starfish Six is a movement.

Dr. Ezinne Nwude

Hope for Your Health video and podcast series

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